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The Story of Two Bottles

The dust has settled from Gravel Worlds 2016 and with that came some self-reflection and a story.
The Story of Two Bottles In May of 2012 I started a new job with UNL Housing and in turn met Shari Rosso and Paul Belz. These two fine people are why I dove into the deep end with biking. Shari was continually bugging me to log miles for the National Bike Challenge and later to do Tour de Nebraska with her group of misfits; they masquerade as Team Just Sayin' (don't be fooled by their fancy kits).
But first, Paul wanted to take me mountain biking; I said sure! So, I rented a mountain bike from UNL Outdoor Adventures for the weekend (I only owned one bike at this time, I know… shocker) and met Paul at Wilderness Park. He showed up with a full-suspension beauty of a bike and rode it down a set of stairs and through the single-track like it was smooth tarmac. I puttered along behind trying to not hit a tree (mission accomplished.) For me, that day ushered in a new era in my cycling …